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Golf Clash has been a compact generally cherished since its release the past winter. With over a year on the application store, the devs have as of late dropped a sizable update for the game that is brought a great deal of issues similarly as new features. For the people who are having issues with the Golf Clash update not working or stacking fittingly, the assistance bunch has offered a couple of plans that may fix the issue. Underneath we've gathered a guide on what to do if you are having issues with the new Golf Clash update, notwithstanding a breakdown of everything that is changed in the February 2.1.7 fix notes. Take a gander at it underneath. 
For those experiencing issues with the download golf clash cheats stopping various issues getting the new Golf Clash Update, the devs have offered the going with direction for getting the application working again. 
Golf Clash: This Is What Professionals Do 
1. Close the Golf Clash application out completely. 
2. Open the App Store application on your contraption . 
3. Tap on the "Updates" tab at the base of the screen 
4. Refresh the update screen 
In the occasion that issues continue on, you can moreover endeavor the going with: 
Shut your phone down absolutely - when you've controlled your phone directly down, leave and a short time later retry downloading the update 
Delete the application and reinstall - don't do this if your record isn't associated with Facebook or Game Center as you will lose all of your data, yet if your record is associated, now and again reinstalling an application is the best way to deal with decide update issues. 
Golf Clash Crashing Issue 
Golf Clash support bunch has insisted on Twitter that there is an issue with the application crushing for specific customers and that a fix is going. If you are experiencing issues with in-game mishaps, it may be perfect to believe that a fix before continuing with will play. 
New Golden Shot Levels - two new difficulty levels have been added to the Golden Shot: Medium and Hard. 5 Golden Shot prizes are by and by open in a difficult situation level for a total of 10 Golden Shot prizes available for every player. 
Medium inconvenience - Bigger prize rings and all the more moderate breeze speeds. 
Hard inconvenience - Smaller prize rings, faster breezes, anyway more noteworthy prizes! 
New Tournament Tiebreakers - new abrupt passing round system will compensate first class play rather than your ability to race through and complete a round as quick as could be normal the situation being what it is. Two new rules have been incorporated and here's the way by which they work: 
1) Impressive scores - Following the run of the mill standards of "who got the best score" and "who finished the most games in the challenge", unexpected demise adjusts are by and by picked by the amount of Impressive scores that a player achieved that round. 
The procedure will take a gander at the amount of gooney feathered creatures, by then hawks, and a short time later birdies that each player scored in the round - the higher the better. 
If an unexpected demise round can't be created utilizing the stunning scores of that round, imperative scores of past rounds will similarly be thought about (opening round will consider those made in the qualifier, etc.) 
2) Joint Positions - Players who are correspondingly arranged, after the aggregate of the unexpected passing round rules will end that round comparatively arranged, allowing a tie. This infers: 
The capacity segment will stretch out to allow any players on a joined score to progress to the opening round. 
Players that are tied close to the completion of Weekend Round will share the position and get a comparative prize. 
You can take a gander at examples of how the new challenge unexpected passing rounds will work in the official Golf Clash Update assertion, here. 
Other Bug Fixes and Improvements 
Changes how separations are managed in-game to hinder some known issues. 
Improves screen relationship on devices running iOS 11. Improves Weekly League chest stream so players see the prize chest opening. 
Fixed issue that fended players from putting off and using more than 20 ball types. 
Division reward at present exhibited when opening chests.
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